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  • Posted on 23 September 2020
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Leema Acoustics Tucana II Integrated Amplifier

This is one very well designed and built amplifier…..

It seems to me that the engineers at Leema have a single minded focus. They have very clear aims and strong conviction as to what makes a great amplifier.  

In essence the Tucana II is a Pre Amp and Dual Mono Block design built into one neat box. Each element is powered by its own mains transformer - You can clearly see the mirrored circuit design, culminating in the multiple arrays of output transistors (3 pairs per side). Strictly this is overkill, but it allows the engineers to drop the noise floor, really low, and develop some serious current. It is this current which allows the Tucana II to grip the loudspeaker by the scruff of its neck, bullying the drive units into starting and stopping on time.

Great design and build, attention to detail is above anything expected at this price. Flexible with both its connectivity and system matching, we have played Tucana II with a whole range of different loudspeakers; results have been consistently excellent – very enjoyable indeed. Tucana II is really cementing itself as one of our go-to amplifiers.

Overall, Tucanna II is exceptional value for money, if funds allow, the Tucana Anniversary Edition will add just a little more sparkle for the premium.


Available on demonstration:

Leema Acoustics Tucana II                                           £4400.00

Leema Acoustics Tucana 2 Anniversary                       £5495.00

inside a leema tucana 2 anniversary

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