Cyrus Home Trial Scheme

If you’re forced to work from home, why not lighten the mood with a free home trial of Cyrus’ acclaimed ONE series.

ONE series from Cyrus can provide a complete home audio system with both spectacular sound quality and class-leading flexibility.

From the simple elegance of the base Cyrus ‘ONE’ amplifier to the state-of-the-art performance and specification of the ‘ONE Cast’, you’ll discover a new world of pleasure and relaxation.


  • Select a qualifying product or product bundle and place your order using the online store on the Cyrus website. This will prompt you to enter your full address and contact details including telephone number.
  • Pay a security deposit (40% of the full price) at the checkout (for details see terms and conditions).
  • We will then ship you the product or bundle via DPD – note product bundles will come in two separate cartons
  • At the end of 14 days, contact us by e-mail to let us know if you wish to keep the product(s). If yes, we will call you to take the balance of payment by debit/credit card. (Excluding American Express).
  • If you wish to return the product(s) we will arrange for DPD to collect.
  • You are only able to have one amplifier at a time out on home loan.

Note: The product sent to you may not be brand new, but a unit that has been out on a previous home trial.  Such units will be clearly marked on the box as “Demo Unit”.  All units are fully checked by Cyrus before they are sent out.  If you are happy with the trial and want to keep the product, you have the option of exchanging your demo unit for a brand new one.  If you want to keep the unit you have, as you have already set it up to work well in your home, this is fine.  If the initial product sent to you was brand new, this will be the unit you keep.

For all the details and deposit amount follow this link

And for all Cyrus T&C's follow this link

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Cyrus Home Trial Scheme