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Home Cinema System


Clients Brief

The client approached us to blend 21st century home cinema technology into their unique living room.  The strategy of a Passive House is to reuse "free" heat to heat the home. "Free" heat is generated from all electrical and gas appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, computers and light bulbs. It goes through the heat recovery ventilator, and transfers the heat, to the incoming fresh air, before it leaves the building.

The home cinema system had to be created around this unique design and compliment the traditional look and feel of this unique home.


Home Cinema System

The key element in this room was to create, design and install a home cinema, capable of the highest quality audio, visual playback. plus, the ability to discretely blend into the room, with the retractable screen, when not in use. The entire system was also fully integrated with SKY Q, Netflix, and other streaming services.

Home Cinema System



Retractable 120-inch cinema screen, full automated curtains, and lights. Giving the client the ability to control the entire room from one controller, with specifically programmed automated programmes for one-click automation.



In a room such as this, you have the choice, classically designed floor standing speakers, or in-wall speakers. For this install, the client decided that to keep the classic feel of the room, concealed in-wall speakers would be the most suitable option. 



For this installation we had a major challenge, usually, we are able to fit the projector on a lift which retracts into the ceiling when not being used. In this property, the ceilings were not compatible with this solution so an alternative had to be sought.

The solution was one we had to use in our own shop demo room. To hide the projector, we built a complete ceiling bulkhead. As this home is a passive home, we had to ensure this solution avoided blocking ventilation and heating pipes. At Martins, we have the experience and ability to engineer a solution, and this is one solution we are very proud of.

The screen was hung and when not in use disappears into the ceiling, whilst all the equipment is stored in its own special racking.

 Plinth for projector

How the system works.

This system has been engineered to be simple, using different programmes on the controller for different types of content such as movies, tv or just using the speakers to stream music or radio. This systems single controller allows the user to choose which source they want to use such as Netflix, Sky, Amazon or Blu-ray and the software does the rest, closing the curtains dimming the lights, lowering the screen you just have to bring the popcorn.


Future Proofing

Any services can be added, allowing the controller to be future proofed, automation is controlled via Control4 software. All the automation has individual controls for the customer to use the room for whatever they like, not just movies but for playing bridge, reading or anything else.

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