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Digital Streaming and Storage at Martins Hi-Fi
What is streaming
Streaming is simply a process of playing a music track stored on one device through another.
What is data storage
The storage of digital versions of physical media, such as Vinyl, CDs & DVD's
How do they work together
Combining these technologies has allowed the capability to access enormous libraries of media, purchase and download instantly for instant playback, or to stream through other devices.
As always there is more to this technology as it seems. Sites have become more and more popular, offering the increased quality of downloads. Sites such as iTunes and Google Play have moved to improve the quality of download, trying to achieve CD quality content for instant access, whilst other like Tidal have embraced MQA technology.
The high end streaming and storage equipment can often be used as a stand-alone solution or further integrated into an existing system. This has been seen as vital to achieve the quality of playback needed to rival your CD.
With the size of storage drives increasing, cloud storage becoming more and more popular plus the higher quality solid state drives being used, this has seen people's collections disappearing of there shelves and into digital media storage. Today the media can work both ways, downloaded and played through your home system, or accessing your home system via the internet and listening to content on an external device such as a phone or tablet.
Streaming Anything
A Martins system will handle anything from albums to blue-ray DVD's from your hard disc, to music in the cloud. Create your high-resolution digital music library and hear original studio master recording,  just as they sounded when it was first recorded.
In fact, anything you listen or watch to from your iPad or laptop can be streamed wirelessly to your Martins Streaming System.  
You will never have to listen to your PC, tablet or phone speakers ever again.

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