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Martins Fixed Price Linn LP12 Sondek Servicing Plans
Mini Service: Available Spring 2019 
Your LP12's health check starts with an investigation; determining the mechanical age and overall status of the turntable, including any previous upgrades and replacement parts, fitted previously.


Health Check to Determine:

  • - What Options are fitted,
  • - Overall Condition.
  • - Report any Mechanical / Electrical Issues to Client.
  • - Replace Mains Plug "if unsafe"
Work to be completed:
  • Change Bearing Oil           
  • Check Spindle for wear,
  • Rebalance Suspension,
  • Inspect and Clean Belt,
  • Inspect and Clean Motor Pulley,
  • Clean and inspect Stylus for Excessive Wear,
  • Check / Adjust Cartridge Alignment,
  • Rebalance Arm To Manufacturers Specification.
  • Clean Deck, Refit Felt Mat and Perform Audio Test.
Full Service: Available Spring 2019
Our full service comprises of everything listed in the Mini Service plus:
A full strip down and rebuild of your LP12 plus,
  • carbon steel
  • suspension springs
  • rubber grommets
  • locknuts
  • mudguard washers.




Servicing Intervals:
We recommend that the Mini Service is performed every two years and the Full Service every 4 years.
Single Piece Upgrades & Linn Upgrade Pathways
The first upgrade is often the Cirkus Bearing Kit:
The Cirkus upgrade to the LP12 focuses on bearing performance and the connection of the bearing housing to the sub-chassis. The improved bearing and stronger sub-chassis arrangement provides the turntable with greater stability and ensures the bearing sits perfectly true to the chassis of the turntable. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of turntable platter movement with respect to the sub-chassis and arm. Even the slightest movement will introduce audible degradation to the reproduced signal.

Once we have carried out a full inspection of your deck, you will be provided with the potential upgrade options that would suit you and more importantly your individual LP12. These may include the Cirkus Bearing Kit (depending on age), Keel Sub Chasis, tonearms etc. 
We have listed the products in the performance pathway on our site, we can in some cases fit the potential upgrade to your deck so you can listen first hand to the improvement, or you can experience different upgrades in our demonstration room.
For more information, details, price lists of upgrades please email or call 01603 627010

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LInn Performance Upgrade Pathway

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Hi Ian just to let you know that I'm really happy with my Rotel ra 1592 it sounds fantastic with my cm9s." more GL Shire - Gloucestershire
January, 2019
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