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WyreStorm is an award-winning electronics manufacturer passionately committed to the development and production of high quality HD distribution and control solutions at the very forefront of digital technology.

We have our own development laboratories based in Europe and Shenzhen, China – a key location in cutting edge technologies considered widely to be the cradle of new trends in global electronics.

With a research and development team ranking among the leading specialists in the HD distribution industry,our innovative solutions are often born from direct industry feedback to ensure our products, features and services are perfectly suited to the ever-growing number of residential and commercial applications.

Here at WyreStorm we follow a simple but all-encompassing philosophy that colors everything we do - providing the right technology for the right application - and  we devote all our energies and resources to the creation of innovative products and services that allow the integrator to supply a superior AV experience to their clients, and do so faster and more efficiently to maximize budget, while minimizing time on site.

The best way of achieving this is by talking to and, most importantly, listing to the industry - encouraging observations andsuggestions from distributors and integrators that allow us to provide you with the most powerful, reliable and convenient technical solutions you need to constantly surpass your client expectations.

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