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At Martins HiFi we have stocking Meridian for almost 40 years. Meridian crafts innovative, elegant and high performance audio solutions. Discover the true meaning of high performance.

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About Meridian

In 1977 we embarked upon a mission. Our goal was simple: to put the listener at the heart of every recorded performance. Since then we’ve been continually pushing the boundaries of sound. Redefining the possible at every step of the way.

Almost forty years later and our journey continues. Read on to discover more about us and our award-winning audio systems. But remember, when it comes to sound this incredible, you really have to hear it to believe it.

Bob Stuart studied Psychoacoustics, Electronic Engineering and Management at Imperial College, London, where his passion for music soon led him to specialise in audio design. Allen Boothroyd trained as a mechanical engineer, going on to study industrial design at the Royal College of Art.

Boothroyd and Stuart met in Cambridge, where they discovered shared interests and philosophies in audio equipment design.


Their first collaboration was on the Lecson hi-fi system, a design so innovative that it’s now part of the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Says Allen, “The Lecson made the leap from something that was not merely acceptable as a piece of audio equipment, but was actually desirable as an objet d’art.” Bob and Allen won their first British Design Council Award in 1974 as a result.

Bob and Allen founded Meridian in 1977 based on their beliefs in good audio engineering, good acoustical engineering, and the value of psychoacoustics – the understanding of how we perceive sound and our responses to it. These core values led to the first product from Meridian: the M1, an active loudspeaker system, unknown in consumer electronics at the time, which provided the foundation for much that has come since.

Since then, their designs for Meridian Audio have gained extensive acclaim at home and abroad, winning the pair the coveted Design Council Award for Outstanding British Product an unprecedented three times in addition to the EISA European Product of the year award twice, and many other international accolades.

Following the introduction of the Compact Disc in 1984, Meridian produced the world’s first audiophile-quality Compact Disc player, the MCD (the later, more advanced MCD Pro is shown here). Meridian went on to release the world’s first digital surround processor, and was ideally placed to take advantage of the explosion of the home theatre market. A string of other “firsts” followed.

Bob’s passion for music has played a major role in his strong desire to ensure that the quality of an original recording remains unaltered from the recording to listening at home. This desire led to the development of Meridian Lossless Packing, the technology at the heart of DVD-Audio and part of the Blu-Ray Disc specification, and lies behind Meridian’s developments in the realm of streaming and advanced digital playback systems that feature lossless playback and resolution enhancement technologies.

Bob and Allen’s natural partnership is still at the heart of Meridian. The passion, innovation and commitment to quality that shaped the company carry the company forward as one of the most revered audio brands in the world today.




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