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We have integrated many Entreq products into our systems. An amazing product and something we always demo when demonstrating HiFi systems

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About Entreq

Entreq was founded 1999 and are today , a truly Swedish company, they are one of the very few companies that develop,manufacture and produce theirown products. Because of this approach you will never see us immitate other brands or their technical solutions. Consequently their products are not only distinctive in their constructive materials & design but also in their connective processes.

This control over each and every aspect, in conjunction with their unique philosophy and design brief, means they are able to focus purely, with no compromise, on performance.

Performance first !

This may sound like a natural aspiration in the field of audio but in their opinion this is rarely the case!

As a company they are continually searching for new factors that influence as well as improve the performance of their products. Entreq will always use the listening experience as the true measure of musical success. If they can then calculate the reasons as to what and why, so much the better, but that is actually far less important.

“ What you can measure is not important, and the important cannot always be measured ”

There is quite a lot of truth in that sentence, even if it is not completely correct. 
Entreq trust more what they hear and experience than what the gauges tell us. If this sounds better than anything else, then it is. It is that simple, even if you perhaps cannot explain it scientifically with measurements.

Remember back in 70, when all should be measured in the lab. At that time it was DIN  45 500 that tell us everything. It was DIN Watt, IM dist, HM dist etc,etc.If it not measure good enough, it been solved with negative feedback and all good .
Many times the stuff sounds bad, but if the measurement was so good, it must be good, that´s it.
It was a sensation when Matti Otaala from Uleaborg university explain why some amps that only give 20 W by Din 45500 sound so much more powerfull than amps that give 200w by same norm.
What Entreq mean is that they sometimes dont know what to meassure and what make sence.
And for you who say everything can be messured, could you kindly inform us of how you exactly measure the speed of an object in motion ? 

Over the years Entreq has consistently recieved plaudits from around the world for its innovative products. The quality of design, craftmanship and most importantly, musicality, have been recognised as the heart beat of every product.

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