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We have always had a passion for B&W products, the latest speakers have become a standard in a Martins HiFi system.

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About Bowers & Wilkins

Martins are very proud to have been selling Bowers & Wilkins speakers for over 25 years.

Today Bowers & Wilkins trade internationaly with a globally recognised brand, with distribution chains and customers all over the world. However it started life with John Bowers hand-assembling speaker systems for local clients in Worthing, West Sussex, in the back of the electrical store that he ran with his friend Roy Wilkins.

Following a bequest from an elderly lady called Miss Knight, John Bowers founds B&W Electronics Ltd. Because she was so impressed with John Bowers' knowledge of classical music, and so pleased with the loudspeakers that he had made for her, Miss Knight left him £10,000 in her will to develop a business.


The same year saw the development of the first Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker: the P1. The cabinet and filter were Bowers & Wilkins' own, but the drivers came from elsewhere. The profit from these loudspeakers allowed John Bowers to invest in calibration equipment. 

Bowers & Wilkins has always aimed to produce the finest loudspeakers across a broad price spectrum. And the Domestic Monitors in the form of the DM1 and DM3 were launched to provide a more affordable option for potential customers. The idea of the Domestic Monitor lived on for many generations of superb and affordable loudspeakers, right to to the current award-winning Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond.



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