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REL Acoustics Event at Martins Hi-Fi

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Aug 28, 2019

Exclusive S-Series Preview.

Last week we held a very special event for fans of subwoofers, home cinemas, and hi-fi. 

Rel Acoustics allowed us the debut their new S-Series Subwoofer to our customers, the feedback was superb, the subwoofers themselves are debuting a new manufacturing technique. Sorry, we can't tell you too much about them as we have promised not to reveal specs and details until the national launch. All we can say is that they were so good we have already placed pre-orders with REL for the first batch of the new S-Series.

Steve also had a vision, 4 Predator Subs attached to our upstairs home cinema room to enhance the audio quality of Bohemian Rhapsody the movie.

You could hear this system outside in the carpark, and the subs made it feel like the whole shop was moving. We will have the Predators in for a few more days, so pop in and experience an immense AV experience.

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REL at Martins Hi-Fi

REL Predator at Martins Hi-Fi £1,599

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