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Cyrus QXR Upgrade Offer

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Jul 26, 2019

Plus a free service worth £300

 Cyrus Audio at Martins Hi-Fi
Spend £600 upgrading your Cyrus amplifier or preamplifier to the NEW QXR specification and get a free full service worth £300*
*The Product must be in working order for the upgrade to be carried out, otherwise additional charges will apply. Service includes fully updating a product, refreshing worn components, installing the latest production updates and performance testing.
QXR is an acoustic revelation for your Cyrus system - an ultra-high-resolution digital interface. Improving the sonic performance in all of these products: 
6 Series
6 XP, 6 XP DAC, 6a, 6 DAC
8 Series
8 XP, 8XP DAC, 8 DAC, 82 DAC, 8a, 8 XP Qx DAC, 8 DAC Qx, 82 DAC Qx
Pre Series
Pre XP, Pre XP DAC, Pre DAC, Pre2DAC, Pre2DAC Qx DAC, Pre DAC Qx, Pre2DAC Qx
QXR unearths a new level of detail, separation, and resolution from your music, even from older sources such as CD, whilst further enhancing the refined texture, wide soundstage and precise timing you expect from your Cyrus experience.
Capable of handling file resolutions up to and including 32bit/768k or DSD 512 through an all-new asynchronous USB bridge and up to and including 24bit/192k via SPDIF, the specification only hints at the performance this upgrade will deliver.
"This DAC is quite outstanding" Tom Frantzen, Stereo, May 2019
"The greatest single improvement in sound since I spent what seemed like a ridiculous amount of money on a Lingo power supply for my LP 12" - (Customer Review)
Only available in certain counties, please contact your distributor for availability.
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