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Fyne Audio at Munich 2019

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May 15, 2019

the new F1-12 incorporates FYNE AUDIO’S new 12” IsoFlareTM

Congratulations to everyone form Fyne Audio on the launch of the new F1-12 and the F703.

Below is what Fyne Audio said about the launch.

We have now returned from the Munich High End and Hifi Delux shows, we had a great show, here is a report from What Hifi.

We launched two new models at the show, the new F1-12 incorporates FYNE AUDIO’S new 12” IsoFlareTM driver is a point source system whereby the bass/ midrange driver shares a common center with the high-frequency unit. Providing outstanding stereo imaging even off-axis, energy is radiated isotropically with constant directivity.

The F703 is part of the F700 series, using trickle-down technology from the F1 series, this elegant, contemporary loudspeaker distills the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise into a midsized floor standing design. Built in the UK the F703 blends a 250mm IsoFlare point source driver and 250mm multi-fiber bass driver. Articulate, powerful and capable of delivering stunning dynamics.

You can read more information on what is isoflare? from the Fyne Audio website.

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