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Linn Selekt DSM New Upgrades

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Apr 24, 2019

New Upgrades

Linn Selekt DSM New Upgrades 
For movie-loving Linn customers, enhance your Selekt DSM experience via these latest upgrades.

Ready to make a change? the upgrade opportunities are extensive…
•    Increase their product performance with Katalyst
•    Simplify their system with onboard amplification
•    Expand their system to Surround (up to 5.1)
•    Move from HDMI ARC to HDMI Switching (4 inputs / 1 output)

Linn at Martins Hi-Fi Selekt DSM prices start from £4,000

Selekt DSM Surround with integrated amplification is the highest performance one box surround source available in the market – just add up to 5.1 speakers for a simple yet striking, immersive cinematic experience.

There’s a corresponding Surround option for each of the four original Selekt DSM configurations*, so it still provides the same flexibility to maximize the initial sale as well as offering future upgrade possibilities, i.e. simplifying their system to a one-box solution from a dedicated source or increasing the performance to Katalyst.

What makes Selekt DSM Surround?

Selekt DSM Surround comprises a Surround Sound Processing module, HDMI Switching module and three cartridges housing the DACs - either three line out or two power amplification plus a new combined power amp/subwoofer line out (depending on the model) - all uniquely packaged as modules and cartridges to fit efficiently into a compact space

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Hi Ian, I've finally got round to setting up the deck properly! First of all I have to say how impressed I was with the care you'd taken over... more GR May - Norfolk
May, 2019
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