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Feb 4, 2019

Entreq Primer Pro

You asked me to put a few words down about the Entreq Primer Pro USB Digital Interconnect that I have just bought

Any reader of this really needs to know some background regarding the person and system the writer has. Well, I have been a customer of Martin's hi-fi for well over 35 yrs, I am not a hi-fi serial box swapper and I retain my hi-fi for long periods.....the amplifier I have just bought replaces a Cyrus set up some of which I have had for over 16yrs!. 

I have always sought to improve my system incrementally and I am used to modest changes.

This brings me to the cable.

It's probably as well to say what it does not appear to do first, that is, it does not appear to change the balance, i.e. it does not make it brighter or knock off high frequencies so anybody contemplating  the cable as a cost-effective way of system correction should possibly seek other paths etc. Secondly it does not really look like £400 worth, it does not appear as a heavy muscular over engineered screened cable we have sort of come accustomed to, granted it does come with a wooden box and does come with a wooden packing box but the latter will go in the roof and the former whilst nice is something most of us would seek to hide away.

So what does it do?.

Well, the effect is both profound and extraordinary. It's like looking into a black hole where voices and instruments just sort of appear out of an inky black background. Everything takes on a very ordered state, everything can be placed with pinpoint accuracy whilst at the same time exhibiting a texture that left me and my wife slack-jawed.

This is most apparent in complicated and very layered music, to the point it has you seeking out the tracks and artists you avoid for instance Jeff Buckley, grace album where some tracks do get a bit messy and can be hard to listen to.......all I can say is wow it now makes so much sense.

These cables should come with a health warning for your wallet and in my case, it makes me look at my other interconnects and speaker cables which were already reasonable in the grand scheme of things. How can a digital interconnect do so much?.


ENTREQ at Martins Hi-Fi

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