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Apr 13, 2016

Martins brief guide to The Chord Companies 2016 product range.

Martins Guide to the Chord Company 2016 range


The C Series utilises the techniques developed for our high-performance cables but applies them in a way that allows Chord to offer high levels of musical performance at a more modest budget. The Chord Company C-Series features interconnects, power cables and speaker cables.



The award-winning Clearway speaker cable belongs to the new Chord Clearway family. Released on Chords 30th anniversary it is designed using Chords latest technology, to provide the optimum performance and compatibility across a wide range of audio systems. It performs as though it should cost a lot more.



The Chord Shawline features an amazing level of performance, especially at this price point. The new Shawline analogue interconnect shares many of the elements which made the Sarum Tuned Aray such a wonderful cable. The cable is available in DIN, XLR & RCA.

Another addition is the Shawline speaker cable, using a high density braid and foil combination as part of its design, it also includes silver plated PTFE insulated conductors. This cable is truly a work of art and enormous value for the performance it brings to your system


 The new Chord Epic range its right in the middle of Chords family of cables, however this is nowhere near the forgotten middle child status that other companies sell.

It contains the very popular Epic Twin and Epic Reference speaker cables. Chord Epic, Twin speaker cables remains in this latest range of products for a good reason. The Epic Twin design is based on the findings on benefits that high frequency shielding brings to a cable. Chord discovered this during the developemt of the Signature range, but with the Epic Twin they are able to bring you this technology for an affordable configuration.



The signature cables were the first to use high frequency effective shielding. The success of this drove the development of other high performance cables. The tonal neutrality of the Signature makes it perfectly possible to introduce one cable at a time and experience the benefits that they bring individually and further still as a full Signature cable loom.


The Chord Sarum range takes all the advantages Chord have made in cable design throughout its history and adds the unique Super Aray conductor configuration.

The original Sarum Tuned Aray interconnect was a breakthrough product, bringing huge to your system. Chords breakthrough came whilst working on the Sarum power cable, the ability to improve the Aray performance.

This has resulted in the latest Sarum Super Aray range. There are still extraordinary coherence gains that made the Tuned Aray version so popular, but in addition, the Super Aray reveals enormous amounts of musical detail that simply put, you couldn’t hear before.



Possibly the most revolutionary product in this history of The Chord Company, combining 30 years of research, development and engineering. Chord has produced a product which can change the landscape of listening to music.

This range has been developed using an entirely new insulation material Taylon. Taylon has its history rooted in the military; Chords used this material to make a prototype cable with the same Super Aray conductor. Using the same configuration and plugs from the Sarum range the performance was outstanding.

The performance of this new material combined with Chords innovation can only be described as breath taking. This high end component will enhance your system and your listening pleasure, revealing a phenominal amount of detail previously unheard. Chords description is “you are not listening to an album you are attending the recording”


Thanks to Chord for the contribution to this blog, and for more details of any products in these ranges please call 01603 627010 or email Steve or Ian


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