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Jun 18, 2015

Meridian Audio Explain EBA

At a live musical event, all the frequencies you hear – all the wavefronts – arrive at the correct time. In any loudspeaker, however, bass frequencies arrive late, and the lower they are the later they arrive. Many manufacturers ameliorate this by changing the position of the mid and high frequency drivers or adding delays to bring them back into time – this is often called "time alignment". But while this is a good solution for mid and high frequencies, there is quite a time variation across the band covered by the bass drivers themselves. Meridian uses a series of special DSP-created digital filters, each of which delays just a small range of frequencies, each by exactly the right amount. It's so ingenious, we've applied for a patent. The result is a clearer soundstage with improved imaging and transient response – improvements you can clearly hear. And it's something only a Meridian DSP Loudspeaker can do.

Music: 'City is Sad' written and performed by Diana Yukawa.

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