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Guide price £18500.00

The speaker of choice for the world’s most demanding recording studios, and a legend among serious sound enthusiasts everywhere, the 800 Diamond is the top speaker in the range – and very probably the finest speaker you will ever hear. Quite simply, the ultimate loudspeaker.

You’ll find the flagship 800 Series loudpseaker at work wherever exceptional sound quality really matters, the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London to Skywalker Sound, the Californian studio where Hollywood puts music to movies. For sheer, unadulterated realism, these professionals say it’s the best there is. And who are we to argue?

The iconic design of the flagship 800 Series Diamond speaker, with drive units housed in separate, curvaceous enclosures, has its roots back in our design for the very first 800 Series speaker - the Matrix 801. Back then we discovered that isolating the units created a much purer, more balanced sound. The same principle applies today.

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